Bienvenue `a The Ranch

Few motivations are as persuasive and enduring as true love.  If anyone had asked me 3 years ago if I would ever consider living anywhere other than a city, or even a stone’s throw from a city, they would have gotten an incredulous look followed by a ” hell no,” or perhaps an even stronger expletive.  If they had qualified the question with “for love,” the romantic in me would have probably responded with a tentative “maybe.”

I am a city girl to the core, San Francisco and Paris to be specific.  I have concrete and cafes flowing through my veins.  The San Francisco Bay Area is where I called home, but Paris has my heart.  Anyone who knows me is well aware of the fact that when I am not in Paris, I am without a doubt planning my next trip. When I daydream, I am in Paris.  While enduring mind numbing meetings, or while pretending to care during inane conversations, one can rest assured that to ease that pain, I have projected my thoughts to Paris.  For me, Paris is not just a place, it is a state of mind.

Four months ago, true love motivated me to pack up my possessions and pups, and head North.  Way North.  Two hours from San Francisco North…to what is lovingly called “The Ranch.”  All 300 acres were part of a Spanish land grant received by the family of my beloved.  It is as wild as it is beautiful, full of amazing contrasts–rolling pastures, acres of pinot noir grapes, sweeping valley views from  mountain tops, and achingly beautiful sunsets peppered with a few junk cars, a barn that may fall in on itself with a strong wind, rattlesnakes, and of course, wildly pervasive poison oak.  I was told (maybe warned is a better word) prior to coming here that life on The Ranch was different.  Mon dieu, it certainly is…

My choice to accept the invitation to live on The Ranch was an easy one.  There was no hesitation, wringing of hands, gnashing of teeth, or uncontrollable sobbing.  The chance to wake up every morning with this man and share in his family history, while we are creating our own made my heart leap.  The Craftsman home, built in the 1920s, where we now live, he gutted and remodeled with us and me in mind.

Like any woman who is a true Parisienne at heart, I am both pragmatic and wildly romantic.  That juxtaposition makes for well reasoned decisions…driven by the only thing that truly matters…the heart.

Join me in my journey to bring Paris to my daily life on The Ranch…quelle aventure!

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